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hardwood flooring Gilroy, CA

Your Hardwood Flooring Experts

Floors Direct Carpet One in Gilroy, CA is your one-stop-shop when it comes to hardwood flooring. We offer one of the area’s best selections of hardwood floors, and we provide quality design and installation services.

We also offer selections of solid and engineered hardwood floors, and we also will work with you to handle installation. When it comes to hardwood, we truly are your local leader!

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

There are two main hardwood constructions available: solid and engineered. Solid hardwood is made from genuine strips of real wood and nothing else, and there is no special construction. As a result, solid hardwood planks are thick enough to be refinished multiple times. Hardwood refinishing involves sanding the wood’s surface and then reapplying finish and stain for long-lasting looks and protection.

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood does feature a special construction. In fact, most engineered wood options are made from three to seven layers of real wood that are cross-directionally pressed together with a top layer. Given this construction, engineered hardwood is more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood, so it is better-suited for foot traffic, moisture, and other stresses. Plus, engineered hardwood can be installed below, on, or above ground. As you can imagine, engineered hardwood is now a preferred choice for homeowners.

Hardwood Installation

How is hardwood flooring installed? Most hardwood options can be nailed or glued down to the subfloor for a permanent installation. But, nowadays there are hardwood floors that feature a click installation. With this installation, the hardwood planks will attach together and remain on the subfloor without any special adhesive. The click installation method is therefore easier and cleaner than traditional nail or glue installations.

Not only do we offer a great selection of hardwood; we’ll also help you install the floor, too. We work only with experienced wood installers who know exactly how to install hardwood floors, and we’ll be sure to stand by your side throughout the entire process.

Our Special Wood Options

As your neighborhood hardwood experts, we offer a variety of real wood options at close-to-wholesale prices. We’ll work directly with contractors, installers, and real estate partners to handle their hardwood needs. To learn more about our services, be sure to contact us at the store to get started. Simply fill out the form at the right, and one of our experts will contact you!

We offer the following hardwood options: Invincible, Rustic River, Garrison, Monarch Plank, Allwood, OshKosh, Lauzon, Hallmark, Gemwoods, Provenza, Mirage, Krauss, Shaw, Mohawk, Johnson, Everbright, Baroque, Savannah, Columbia, SLCC, Mission, Du Chateau, Reward, Indusparquet, Mullican, Boen, Somerset, Teragren, California Classics, LM Flooring, Stonewood, Mannington, Armstrong, Kahrs, Urbanfloor, Kylin, Ark, Hanover Hills, US Floors, and Naturally Aged Palacio.