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Carpet is without a doubt the preferred flooring choice in home theaters, mainly because it offers comfort that is unmatched. But, home theater carpet needs to be more than comfortable; it needs to be durable and stylish as well. If you’re looking for carpet for your home theater, be sure to visit Floors Direct Carpet One in Gilroy, CA to check out styles from Joy Carpets. Joy Carpets offers quality home theater options as part of its Any Day Matinee collection.

Why are Any Day Matinee carpets perfect for home theaters? First, they are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns, so you can certainly create custom designs that will make your home theater truly unique. Whether you want something simple or something rather intricate, Joy Carpets has you covered. More importantly, Any Day Matinee carpets are extremely strong and durable. Most, for example, feature 100% STAINMASTER nylon fibers, so spills and stains will not be an issue. This is important because food and beverages tend to be particularly popular in home theaters. Also, Any Day Matinee carpets have an Actionbac backing, so they remain strong against foot traffic and other potential impacts. It is safe to say that carpets from the Any Day Matinee collection are stylish and durable enough for any home theater setting.

In addition, because they are so durable, Any Day Matinee carpets from Joy Carpets are suitable for commercial settings. They can, for example, be installed in cinemas, bowling alleys, arcades, and other similar settings.

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Any Day Matinee Collection


Acanthus has a patterned carpet look, and it's made from STAINMASTER fibers. It has an Actionbac backing as well.

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We love Dottie because of its Kaleidoscope-like appearance. It features STAINMASTER fibers and the Actionbac backing.

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Eclipse has a similar Kaleidoscope-like surface, and it is made with STAINMASTER fibers. It has the Actionbac backing for extra strength underfoot.

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Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame has a surface that's literally filled with stars. And with STAINMASTER fibers and the Actionbac backing, durability won't be a concern.

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