Mannington Adura

Stylish, high-quality waterproof flooring from Mannington

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Floors Direct Carpet One in Gilroy has one of the area’s best selections of luxury vinyl flooring. One of our featured options is Mannington Adura Max. Adura Max features an innovative construction, so it’s certainly one of the most durable floors you can install in your home.

Adura Max has a strong top layer that includes Mannington’s own ScratchResist technology. With this aluminum oxide protection, the surface will resist almost all scratches, scuffs, and surface blemishes. So, Adura Max, unlike real wood, will not need to be refinished.

In addition, Adura Max features a rigid core that’s referred to as the HydroLoc core. This core provides exceptional dimensional stability to each plank and tile, so Adura Max will never collapse or crack under heavy pressure. More importantly, the HydroLoc core is 100% waterproof, so Adura Max planks and tiles can handle moisture. In fact, you can install Adura Max in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other areas with moisture. Adura Max therefore can be installed more like tile rather than hardwood.

Nevertheless, Adura Max is certainly more comfortable underfoot than tile. It has the Ultra-Quiet attached pad as an underlayment, so the planks and tiles are rather soft and warm underfoot. This pad also does well to muffle sound, so noisy foot traffic won’t be problematic. Adura Max is a more durable, more comfortable, and quieter alternative to hardwood and tile.

How is Adura Max installed? Adura Max offers a special installation known as LockSolid. The planks and tiles will perfectly lock together for a gapless installation, and no messy adhesive is required. Installation can be handled by skilled DIYers, but we do recommend relying on our professional installation teams to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Adura Max Options

Adura Max Planks

Adura Max is available in 6”x48” planks that look exactly like real wood planks. Pictured here is Adura Max Dockside.

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Adura Max Rectangles

For real stone looks, be sure to choose Adura Max Rectangles. These tiles are 12"x24". Pictured here is Adura Max Cascade.

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