Mannington Laminate

High-quality, high-character laminate from the Mannington Restoration Collection

Quality Laminate Flooring from Mannington

If you’re looking for a more durable alternative to hardwood flooring, be sure to visit Floors Direct Carpet One in Gilroy to check out the Mannington Restoration Collection. Floors in the Restoration Collection, although they feature durable laminate constructions, are as stylish and luxurious as real hardwood floors.

What’s most striking about Mannington Restoration laminate floors is the authentic wood appearance. While all laminate flooring options are made to look like wood, some offer generic looks that are clearly manufactured. Mannington, however, offers a variety of natural, distressed wood looks, including black forest oak, keystone oak, and hickory. Furthermore, Mannington Restoration laminate has wire brushed and hands-craped effects.

Nonetheless, although Mannington Restoration laminate looks exactly the same as wood, it offers much better performance. The Restoration planks are ½” thick, and they have strong top layers that will not scratch or scuff. Also, because the planks have support layers, they are much, much less likely to crack and collapse compared to real wood.

More importantly, laminate in the Mannington Restoration Collection features SpillShield. With SpillShield, the laminate planks are considered moisture resistant, and they have 72 hour spill protection. This does not mean that Restoration laminate is 100% waterproof, but it can certainly handle better than hardwood and even most other laminate floors.

Because of its premium durability, Restoration laminate can be installed in most kitchens, basements, and mudrooms. And, of course, it can handle heavy traffic from children and pets. To see the Mannington Restoration collection in action, please visit our Gilroy showroom.

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