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Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Floors Direct Carpet One Floor & Home in Gilroy is here to help you find the best waterproof floor for your home. We carry luxury vinyl flooring that features water resistant qualities, and we offer totally waterproof options as well. Knowing that there is a difference between a waterproof and water resistant floor can make a huge difference in your purchase decision. Finding the right waterproof flooring for your home can even have you considering changing the flooring throughout your home.

Living the California lifestyle means spending a lot of time enjoying the sunshine and surf, and that inevitably means bringing some elements of nature home with you. That means you’ll want a floor that can stand up to whatever life brings your way, whether you’ve been lounging by the lake or biking one of the region’s many beautiful parks.

Invincible H2O vinyl flooring

What Makes Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?

Pretty much all luxury vinyl flooring features some sort of water resistance on the surface layer. Water resistant floors can repel moisture to an extent, but at some point the moisture can soak through the floor and cause long-term damage. Water resistant flooring is best for areas you are in often, so you do not forget about them.

Waterproof flooring creates a water tight barrier at the surface, stopping any moisture from penetrating the flooring. If moisture does make it past the surface, the core of the planks or tiles will allow the moisture to evaporate and stops it from reaching your subfloors. Compared to other flooring types, waterproof luxury vinyl floors won’t buckle, crack, or warp due to being exposed to moisture.

Where Can You Install Waterproof Flooring?

If you live an active lifestyle and need a floor that is easy to care for, then waterproof flooring is for you. Accidents happen and you cannot always get to them right away, so waterproof flooring takes away the worry of your floors being damaged by unexpected spills. All waterproof luxury vinyl floors have a durable wear layer that can resist scratching from your pet's claws.

Luxury vinyl, especially waterproof options, can be installed anywhere in your home including the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and even entryways. Luxury vinyl flooring offers such authentic visuals that you can also install them in your bedroom or living room.

Waterproof Flooring Options

Enjoy the great outdoors without ever worrying about what’s happening indoors. Floors Direct Carpet One Floor & Home in Gilroy is your local source for waterproof flooring, including luxury vinyl plank selections by Republic, COREtec, Mannington Adura, XL Flooring, Invincible™ H2O and Armstrong Luxe.

Invincible™ H2O: These waterproof luxury vinyl planks are exclusive to Carpet One Floor & Home stores. They feature superior moisture resistance and come in trendy wood look styles.

COREtec: Featuring a waterproof, eco-friendly cork underlayment, this composite flooring is virtually pet-proof and child-proof.

XL Flooring: With seven layers of protection, this floor looks like hardwood but won’t expand, contract, scratch, dent, or fade.

Armstrong Luxe Plank: Incorporate your favorite natural elements- like hardwood or stone- into your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or laundry room, without the usual water woes.

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